🇬🇧 Repo of my not-so-fancy-or-techy-dotfiles

I'm a newbie in the Linux world but this dotfiles thing it's AWESOME.

So, as the law says, one must create a repo of the dotfiles and share it if he/she does not want to be considered an outlaw.

Heads up

This dotfiles is to help ME and are tailored to ME, and actually it works for ME. So don't get [ put some sort of state of mind and/or spirit in here ] about this dotfiles not working 100% on your system. Deal with it, you are more then capable of doing that.


I'm so newbie that I don't know what to write in the instructions to install and use my dotfiles. I have one install script (install.sh) but it was never tested and for sure it will fail, so if you try it just remember there will be Dragons, not the Daenerys Targaryen ones unfortunately.


functions, aliases, alias, bash, env, shell, petrol, mad max, tina turner, 80, queen... hummmm, this is going the wrong way, let me stop.

The end

Don't have anything else more to write, so: There, I hope you enjoyed our time together today. You know, it seems harder and harder to just sit back and enjoy the finer things in life. Well, till next time. Ta-ta! by The Offspring on Smash in 1994 P.S.: Sorry about my strange english ( I guess ), but not my native language.